Jay Perez announces new band lineup and new album in the works

Jay Perez announces new band lineup and new album in the works

"The Voice", Jay Perez has announced his new band line up featuring veterans in the music industry and a new album in the works!

The first member announced for "The Band" is Jay Alaniz, who will be the new musical director for the band. Alaniz is a veteran musician who has played with Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz for more than 20 years. Perez states Alaniz brings a lot of experience and creativity to the band, and he will be in charge of creating new arrangements and selecting songs for the upcoming album.

 “He comes with much experience, we feel very confident that his position as the new MD will take this band to new heights. Looking forward to starting our new adventure with him! Can’t wait for all the new arrangements and a fresh perspective for our next album!” - Jay and Roxy Perez via Facebook

The second new member is Aisha, a versatile vocalist who will join as a backup singer. Aisha has an exceptional ear for music and a beautiful voice that will enhance the band’s harmonies. She will make her debut with the band this week in the Metroplex area, and then travel to Monterrey to finish the weekend.

“She has an exceptional ear for music,” said Jay Perez. “Our background voices will shine this year like no other.”

The third new member is Justin Ramirez, who will be the new drummer for the band. Ramirez is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served three tours in Iraq and has been playing drums professionally for over 20 years. He is a skilled and versatile drummer who can play different styles and rhythms.

The fourth new member is Jeremiah Martinez, who will play the bass for the band. Martinez comes from Lubbock, Texas, and he has also been playing music for over 20 years. He has a huge heart and a passion for music, and he is eager to hit the road with the band.

“Bands are much like corporations, sometimes you need to change things and restructure within the organization so that you can find people that are like-minded. People that have vision and humility so that they can be on board with the leader and take things to new levels as a group, as a whole, as a family! We believe that this is what we have now! A supportive group of musicians who are like minded and want to bring their best for the fans! No egos, no attitudes! Just willingness to unite and be one for the fans.” - Jay and Roxy Perez (facebook)

Jay and Roxy Perez thank their fans for their continued support and are excited to start working on their new album, which will feature original songs from various songwriters. They invite all songwriters who want to submit their songs to email them to lavoz426@hotmail.com. Two songs ready to go, and they can’t wait to share them with their fans. The album will be follow-up the Latin Grammy nominated album, El Patron.

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